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Our Leadership for the 2019-2020 School Year

President: Geraldine Callahan


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Meet our Upcoming Leadership for 2020-2021!

At our last PTA Meeting on 20 May 2019, our new President, Membership Chair and 5th Grade Chair were officially voted into their respective offices for the 2020-2021 school year.

President Elect: Margaret Sosa

Margaret Sosa is a life long West Orange-er.  She grew up in West Orange and have lived there for 36 years.  She grew up in this very neighborhood. Margaret is married to a Police Lieutenant having served 23 years.  Margaret is a mother of 4 children all currently enrolled in Mt.Pleasant Elementary school.  5th grade daughter, Madison, graduating this school year, son Nicholas in 3rd grade, 2nd grade daughter Mackenzie and her youngest daughter, Michaella in kindergarten.

Margaret has been a part of the Mt.Pleasant family for 6 years, and plans to  be at Mt. Pleasant for another 5 years.  She has always been involved and helped out for as long as she can remember.  Having served as membership chair for 2 years, and have chaired the book fair for the last two years.  Has been class mom in her graduating 5th grade daughter’s six years at Mt. Pleasant. Also served as class mom for her other children’s classes for several years as well.

Along with two other moms, Margaret  believed it would be great to have a girl scout troop.  They broke ground by starting a girl scout troop five years ago at Mt.Pleasant where none had previously existed. She is currently a co-leader of the multi-level girl scout troop where the graduating girls will become Cadets in 6th grade.

Margaret is involved in the sports teams and extra curricular activities including swim team, travel soccer and cubs scouts. She has always believed that being involved as a parent, and having a great relationship with her children’s school and teachers, make for a wonderful learning environment and amazing school experience.  That is exactly what she has experienced thus far at Mt. Pleasant Elementary and I looks forward to many more wonderful years to come.  She is excited to be a part of the upcoming PTA board and looks forward to working with parents and teachers at Mt.Pleasant to enhance the school community. 

5th Grade Chair Elect: Kwamia Rawls

For the last 20 years Kwamia Rawls has actively participated within the West Orange Community. Some of her involvement has included serving on several not-for profit boards, participation as a volunteer with our elementary, middle and high schools, work as a coach for Rec. sports, active member and chairperson in several sport booster clubs and founding member of the West Orange Wrestling Club (WOWC). Kwamia and her husband James have 3 children (Sebastian, Dorian and Paige). She has been an active parent and PTA member at Mt. Pleasant Elementary school for over 14 years. The last two years she served as President-Elect/President for the Mt. Pleasant PTA and she looks forward to continuing her involvement at Mt. Pleasant Elementary in 2019-20 as the 5th grade chair. Kwamia is enthusiastic and passionate about her involvement, and very proud of our students, staff and families that make up our West Orange school community. Next year will be her last year at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School as her youngest child, Paige, will be in 5th grade.

Membership Chair Elect: Enrico Cano

Enrico Cano had lived in West Orange as far back as 1989 but had moved back in 2014 with his lovely wife Lorrie daughter Olivia. When Olivia, (nicknamed “Ocean”) started kindergarten, “Rico” immediately joined the PTA during last year’s Ice Cream Social. He works as a systems analyst for a major corporation and is a tech guru of sorts. When Rico was not able to access the PTA website http://mtpleasantpta.org he graciously volunteered as our webmaster and has been keeping our info up to date! As membership chair, he hopes to increase event participation as well as membership engagement through our web site.